• “This is a very different and innovative approach, a country that is looking at global problems not as issues but as resources, the thinking here is heads and tails above any other market I have tried to work with."


    Peter Christou, CEO, Swirltex Ltd

  • "I think this is the only way, a programme that brings the world to a problem, that engages and learns from communities, and leverages governments, big business and entrepreneurs to create solutions that are long-term, cost effective, sustainable, inclusive and transformative."


    Sanmit Ahuja, Head of Investment and Innovation, Centre for Ganga River Basin Management & Studies



    "This programme has delivered real commercial opportunities for many of the people here, opportunities that are directly related to solving some of the biggest problems in India and across the world."

    Peter Murphy, Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service


  • SDG Impact Programmes

    Building a better world through business

    The challenges set by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development present amongst the most significant opportunities for enterprise in the foreseeable future.
    The SDGs address the core needs of a rapidly growing population with constrained resources, and the organisations that meet these needs are likely to grow faster than any other on the planet. These programmes are designed with the primary intention of enabling authentic connections between big business, entrepreneurs and changemakers to work collectively to build, mainstream and superscale new models and solutions for global issues.

















  • The primary objective of the programme is to facilitate a cross-border opportunity to create new ways of thinking and ways of working that make impactful progress on the Global Goals for Sustainability. We intend to build an ecosytem around each goal and base that ecosystem in the part of the world where the greatest need/learning exists.

    In 2017, we have chosen to focus on four industries where we feel we can make the most immediate and significant impact.

    All four industries face their own challenges whilst being systemically interlinked.

    1. INDIA The hydro nations, addressing the most pressing problems in clean water & sanitation
    2. AFRICA The food and drink sector, targeting good health and well-being and responsible consumption & production,
    3. EUROPE Sustainable fashion, focused on supply chain, responsible consumption & production, and
    4. CHINA Renewable energy and low carbon construction, targeting sustainable cities & communities.

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