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How to support staff who are experiencing a mental health problem

How to support staff who are experiencing a mental health problem

Right now 1 in 6 workers is dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress. This can stop people performing at their best. Organisations perform better when their staff are healthy, motivated and focused. Smart employers support employees who are experiencing mental health problems to cope and recover. This guide sets out simple, practical and inexpensive steps that any organisation can take to support staff at every stage of the mental health spectrum – whether they’re stressed or have a diagnosed mental health condition.
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Jon Steinberg

How to pitch your startup remotely to investors

What founders need to know before pitching their startup remotely to venture capital investors.
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Francesca (Check) Warner

A seed investing framework

Well-designed checklists (or frameworks) can improve decision making outcomes. They have also been shown to help reduce unconscious bias and level the playing field for underrepresented founders. So here are listed the 10 key areas that VC Francesca Warner focuses on in seed stage businesses.
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Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg

How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted — and You Are, Too

The latest wave of Covid-19 is pushing us to new depths of personal resilience. Stress incidents are on the rise, people’s emotional reactions were becoming more polarized, and there were more team defections.
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Adam Bastock

How to start reducing your business carbon footprint

It’s hard to know where to start with your carbon footprint. Small99 have compiled the high impact actions you can take today in your business.
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Identity & Ideation: The many faces of entrepreneurship in Scotland

Identity & Ideation: The many faces of entrepreneurship in Scotland

How do personal circumstances, culture, race, gender, disability, family life, socio-economic background and external factors shape how people approach starting and growing a business within the Scottish entrepreneurial ecosystem? In this Startup Grind event, the panel (including our very own co-founder Zoi Kantounatou!) discusses issues of race, creativity, immigration and neurodiversity and how these experiences have frustrated and fueled their careers as founders.
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What does it mean to be a CEO in the age of COVID-19?

Salomé Taieb

What does it mean to be a CEO in the age of COVID-19?

In startups, there are certain ways that things “should” be done. You are expected to push to grow as fast as possible without being worried about survival and you should fuel that growth by spending the money you have raised. This is what your VCs expect you to do. But then COVID-19 hit and all of a sudden entrepreneurs had to take a very different approach to running their companies.
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People and Planet before Profit? A framework to compare the big ideas

Erinch Sahan

People and Planet before Profit? A framework to compare the big ideas

A fundamental change is sweeping across the business world. Big ideas are spreading, new slogans being echoed, and the very purpose of business being questioned. A host of concepts and initiatives are driving this conversation, but how do these enterprise design ideas compare? Here’s an attempt to compare their essential structural features and assess the extent to which shareholder dominance and profit primacy remain embedded in enterprise design. In other words, the framework below compares the minimum in structural design that is required by these concepts.
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April Wensel on Impact Summit 2019 stage

Impact Summit

April Wensel - Transforming Technology with Compassion | Impact Summit 2019

April Wensel shares how we can break down the entrenched issues in tech with compassion and make an impact on the future of tech.
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The Entrepreneur Project

Startup Summit and The Podcast Host

The Entrepreneur Project

Tune into the first season of The Entrepreneur Project to hear from Startup Summit 2019 speakers: founders and leaders from some of the most innovative organisations across the UK.
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Managing Across Cultures Using the Lewis Model. Build relationships and become a better leader. FutureX resource

Erin Calvert

Managing Across Cultures

In global teams there are often cultural barriers that can interfere with the flow of a workstream or disrupt team dynamics. It is important for leaders to understand the subtle differences between their team’s cultural backgrounds and strive to bridge the gaps.
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A case for Radical change'


How A Human-Centered Workplace Survived A Crisis, And Thrived After

How to survive a major crisis in an organisation? How to thrive after? These are relevant, even crucial, questions. Especially today. Recently, Corporate Rebel Joost has found valuable answers to these questions, as he was developing a case study for their Online Academy. This case is about Panelfisa, a NER Group company.
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Daisy Onubogu

Underrepresented Founders are Merely Collateral Damage

"We can’t fix the diversity problem, because it’s not a problem in and of itself, it’s just a symptom of something else. Something I think few, even among the staunchest critics of the industry’s status quo, seem prepared to engage with." says Daisy Onubogu. Spoiler alert: the real problem is capitalism; more specifically ‘venture-scale returns’ from the financial market."
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Svetlana Stotskaya

4 reasons why an early-stage B2C startup needs a community

While building a community of dedicated customers around a brand has long been considered an important marketing trajectory for a mature company, nowadays, more startups have started to incorporate it into their marketing strategy.
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Pioneers Post

Ten social impact events to attend in 2021

Keen to learn from and network with other social entrepreneurs, impact investors and mission-driven business leaders? Mark your diary now with these impact economy events – all of them at least partly accessible from the comfort of your own home., including Impact Summit in May!
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Suzanne Bearne

Is it worth tracking your carbon footprint?

Apps that offer to track your carbon footprint are becoming more common, but are they any good?
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Mark Richer

Pandemic end-game, how will startups ‘reintegrate’ their workers into the office?

While the promise of a vaccine gives us hope that 2021 will see a return to the office, some elements of the pandemic world are here to stay.
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Alison Beard

Why Ben & Jerry’s Speaks Out

How does a large company with a diverse customer base choose when and how to take a prominent stand on highly politicized current events? An interview with Matthew McCarthy, Ben & Jerry’s CEO, and Christopher Miller, head of global activism strategy.
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Jonathan Hollis

What you need to know as founder before raising your next round

First, a word of caution. Raising your Series A from a venture capitalist is complex, time-consuming and tends to depend on who you know. Plenty of businesses succeed without founders selling their shares to institutional investors. Raising funds is essentially a sign of a founder’s ability to convince investors that their vision will be expected to reap more than 10-20x returns. At a very basic level, you should only consider this path if you’ve created something that works, and cash
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Business as a force

B Corporation

B Corp Directory

We live in a world where business needs to be part of the solution to our greatest challenges. B Corp certification guarantees that a business is measuring its environmental and social impact. B Corps commit to transparency by publishing their score online.
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The DoGooders Logo

Black Owned & Sustainable

This resource compiled by The Do Gooders lists dozens of social impact and planet friendly brands, with black or mixed-raced founders and directors. Discover new brands and use your purchasing power to show your support to black-owned sustainable, local, and independent businesses.
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Julia Morrongiello

Mapping the European B2B Marketplace Landscape (The 2020 Edition)

There are now over 300 B2B marketplaces in Europe, up from a mere 20 back in 2010. Of these marketplaces, more than 10 have raised over €50 million and 4 have raised over €100 million. In total, European B2B marketplaces have raised over €3 billion and this number continues to grow.
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Eva Waite-Taylor

B Corp month: The ethical and sustainable brands to know about

Covering what the certification is and what companies to have on your radar, this is the directory you need!
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Alone together: Entrepreneurship and diversity in the UK

British Business Bank

Alone together: Entrepreneurship and diversity in the UK

This report on entrepreneurship and diversity in the UK examines the profound effects ethnic and economic background, gender and place have on entrepreneurial opportunities and outcomes. Undertaken by the British Business Bank and Oliver Wyman, the research shines an important light on the challenges facing entrepreneurs from all walks of life and acts as a clear evidence base for the British Business Bank and for others.
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State of the Markets Report Q4 2020

Some people expected that corporate venturing capital firms might be less active as a result of the Covid crisis, but quite the opposite. CVC funds are more active than they were in 2015. But they have shifted what they will invest in. Investment in seed and early-stage deals has dropped, while more money is going into late-stage investments. Silicon Valley Bank has crunched the numbers in its latest report.
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Britain Talks Climate - Climate Outreach

An evidence-based toolkit designed to support any organisation that wants to engage the British public on climate change. It makes clear that there is currently no ‘culture war’ on climate change in Britain.
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Marketing Week Reporters

Year in Review: Change makers 2020

In a turbulent year for the marketing industry, and the world, Marketing Week look at the people and brands that have been driving change.
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2020 DocSend Startup Index: The Funding Divide

Highlighting how key factors such as gender, diversity or even geography can affect a team's ability to fundraise.
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