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    The Impact Summit, incorporating the 'CanDo Assembly' - is Scotland's national forum for entrepreneurs and the ecosystem that supports them.


    The summit is as much about the people you will share the experience with as it is about the event itself.


    This is an opportunity to build meaningful links and relationships with the individuals building the future and connect and collaborate with each other around our shared mission to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

  • Why get involved?


    Align your organisation with the leadership of Scotland's entrepreneurial ecosystem.


    Be part of the communication around how we build the framework and infrastructure.


    Engage with the key organisations and individuals shaping Scotland's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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    The Scottish Government, alongside the Scotland CanDo ecosystem partners have long outlined that collaboration is a key priority in building our vision for 'the most entrepreneurial society in the world'.


    Open collaboration and partnerships are a key part of the Impact Summit. Our partners will work in closely with the ecosystem to ensure that Scotland's entrepreneurs have the best framework and infrastructure to establish and continue to grow world leading organisations.


    To discuss getting involved in the Impact Summit please email bruce@futurexinnovation.com

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