Impact Summit 2018

    3rd May 2018

    Exploring the 'signals' of an emerging economy

  • 'The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment'

    Tony Robbins

  • Sharing the Journey

    The Impact Summit, is as much about the people you will share the experience with as it is about the experience itself. This is an opportunity to build meaningful links and relationships with individuals building the future and connect and collaborate with each other around the the emerging trends in the working world.










  • Programme Summary

    “A paradigm is needed that without apology takes both an uncompromisingly cynical view of society and a deeply idealistic one.”


    – Hanzi Freinacht

    The Impact Summit will leverage a series of international programmes that focus on building ecosystems around some of the world’s greatest challenges, this Summit is the centre point of all those programmes.

    Engaging Talks

    It’s time to usher in an economic system that’s both restorative and regenerative. Our speakers will share first hand examples of best practice and bring to life the opportunities that the new economy represents for individuals, business and society.


    At this event a great deal of space will be made available for structured information sharing between participants and the teams leading the spaces we will visit. The intention is to provide a space where individuals can explore new ideas and where their work will fit in this new economy.

    Next Action Steps

    This event will be designed so every participant will walk away with good contextual knowledge and a clear understanding of the opportunities relevant to them in the new economy. Our hope is that the individual next action steps will become very clear to us all.

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