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Colin Hewitt - Berlin Summit Interview

Founder, Float

Colin Hewitt

Hello everybody, this is Colin... Apart from obviously being extremely good looking, as you can see, he runs Float, a company that helps businesses manage their budget and cash flow forecast. Colin is really into thinking about money, from personal budgeting to investing. He dreams of being a jazz pianist like Ryan Gosling in Lala land. Is a pretty mean table tennis player, and likes to talk in the third person.

What do you think about when you’re driving alone?

I'm usually listening to a podcast* or audio book when I'm alone in the car (so I don't feel so alone). To try and get to the point of the question. I'd say I'm often thinking about some issue in the business, and then I'll catch myself on, and phone a friend if I can.

*It's probably "You made it weird" - by Pete Homes, or OnBeing by Krista Tippett.

What would you do if you were given an Elephant, which you couldn’t sell or give away?

Amazing! I'd buy another one so it woul