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Building The Ultimate Tech Eco-system

Written by: Bruce Walker - Partner, FutureX

Duncan Logan, Founder of San Francisco based tech accelerator Rocketspace is building what he likes to call “the ultimate tech eco-system”.

The Scottish born entrepreneur set up Rocketspace in the tech capital five years ago and has hosted over 800 companies, 16 Unicorns ($1Billion+ Valuation) and a further 33 companies worth over $100m (£76.5m), including tech giants Uber, Spotify, Leap Motion and Hootsuite.

Described as “the stock exchange of tech”, Duncan focuses on quality above all else, with startups first being judged on the quality of their investors - requiring them to have some level of seed funding, a signal which indicates to Rocketspace that they are no longer building a “lifestyle business”.

In addition to the office space and network, startups joining Rocketspace can receive help with fundraising, connections to professional services, access to their corporate partners and can take advantage of thei