• Building an impact focussed ecosystem

    for Edinburgh BioQuarter

    A proposal from FutureX Innovation

  • Ecosystem Building


    Creating community-led responses to the challenges we face


    Recognition of complexity, and working with it, rather than against it, is becoming more common. Part of this shift is taking responsibility for our impact beyond our immediate sphere of influence, acknowledging that what we do affects not just those we have a direct relationship with, but the wider ecosystem as well. We are not lone rangers, and we shouldn’t seek to be.


    Our strength lies in positive collaboration, in honesty, openness and generosity in sharing what does and doesn’t work – and in hearing, acknowledging and responding to others’ views on this. Those who hold power should take a collaborative and generous approach to leadership – thinking about their role as part of a bigger whole. They should be willing to be flexible and take risks, to see and value the complexity of the problems they are trying to address.


    Welcoming this complexity feeds into a more equitable relationship between stakeholders in an ecosystem – valuing learning and improving, rather than proving; asking what matters, not what’s the matter; and putting people in the lead, instead of prescribing the solution. This is not the easy path, It takes time to build relationships and trust. It requires us to be people-driven rather than focused on process, and to take decisions which require professional judgement and empathy, instead of relying on the safety of detailed criteria. We’ll need to reassess how we ensure accountability. And we need to create a more community-led response to the challenges we face. This is the world of Ecosystem Building.


    At FutureX we work with government and organisations to build sector focused ecosystems and infrastructure to accelerate system change and deliver improved economic, environmental and social value.

  • Feedback from our recent work


    “This is a very different and innovative approach, a country that is looking at global problems not as issues but as resources, the thinking here is heads and tails above any other market I have tried to work with."
    Peter Christou, CEO, Swirltex Ltd



    "This programme has delivered real commercial opportunities for many of the people here, opportunities that are directly related to solving some of the biggest problems in the world."
    Peter Murphy, Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service



    "I think this is the only way, a programme that brings the world to a problem, that engages and learns from communities, and leverages governments, big business and entrepreneurs to create solutions that are long-term, cost effective, sustainable, inclusive and transformative."


    Sanmit Ahuja, Head of Investment and Innovation, Centre for Ganga River Basin Management & Studies


  • Scope of Work

    Stages, deliverables and estimated costs

    Pathfinding and Strategy


    5,500 + VAT


    Two strategy sessions to design the BioQuarter Ecosystem, define it's Value Proposition and explore a programme of events to bring it to life


    • Two 3/4 day workshops
    • Value Proposition Set
    • Strategy clarified
    • Programme of events designed

    Design and Communication




    Further support to develop a communications strategy and continue to reach beyond the existing network of the BioQuarter



    • Leveraging wider networks
    • Social Media Support
    • Film Production / Story Telling

    Mapping your Ecosystem


    9,800 + VAT


    Website Build, data gathering and development of BioQuater Ecosystem Map




    • Website for BQ built
    • Ecosystem Map/Platform scoped and built with first data set uploaded

    Events &

    Impact Week




    Further support deliver the programme of events





    • Event Managment and Delivery 
    • Sourcing Speakers / Recruiting Delegates 
    • Integration with Impact week
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