• Ecosystem Development

    We build ecosystems and infrastructure to accelerate system change and deliver improved economic, environmental and social value

  • Our team have delivered international projects for some of the biggest brands in the world, hosting events, programmes and developing technology to build an eco-system around cities, countries and industries

  • SDG Programmes

    Impact led ecosystems focused on the Sustainable Development Goals

  • CANDO Fest

    A festival for the new economy

  • Hydro Nations

    The first of our SDG Programmes - A platform to build, collate and scale water technologies, powered by Nations and organisations committed to solving the worlds most challenging issues in water.

  • Circular Economy Leaders Summit

    May 2017

  • DataFest

    March 2017

  • Virgin Startup Summit

    August 2015

  • Eco-System Mapping

  • Clients and Partners

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