Berlin Impact Retreat

    July 2018


    "This programme will make your life better.

    Don't think about it too long, just do it"

    Paul Reid, Founding Partner Augmentors Partners

  • "This trip was one of the best experiences of my life"

    James McIlroy, CEO Enterobiotex


    This event is designed for members of Entrepreneurial Scotland and international CEOs


    A journey and urban retreat that showcases Berlin's unique entrepreneurial spirit


    A four day programme coinciding with Berlin Tech Open Air Festival in July 2018

  • This is a learning journey for CEOs looking to create long-term value in their businesses by taking time to reflect on some of the emerging trends of the impact-led economy.

    From how the Berlin wall still shapes its economy to the entrepreneurs creating mobile gardens, explore and be inspired by this unique city and startup hub.






    "The best business related trip I have been on... ever"


    Nick Freer, The Scotsman

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    "Challenging, provoking and somehow creates a new level of honesty and connection"

    Colin Hewitt, CEO Float

  • The 2017 Delegates

    Troy Edige

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