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    Leveraging Our Global Network of Entrepreneurs to Provide Innovative and Cutting Edge Solutions for Business

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    Our international team keeps an eye on trends, startups and disruptors from around the world.


    We help our clients think, act and innovate like start up entrepreneurs, ensuring they stay relevant and competitive in today's world.


    What more can you do to have a positive impact on the world?


    We're passionate that all organisations can have a positive impact, big or small. We help our clients identify better ways to drive positive impact, that will help the bottom line.


    We are experts in event creation, design and delivery.


    We've hosted events for clients in Edinburgh, LA, Chicago, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and London. As well as our own in London, Edinburgh, San Francisco and New York.

  • Heidi Rozien


    "This program allows for leading entrepreneurs to have direct contact with potential business development partners, investors, and venture capital firms.


    This type of access would be difficult, if not impossible for someone to arrange on their own."

    Eric McAfee


    "WeAreTheFuture has developed into an organization with a demonstrated track record of attracting many leading entrepreneurs to gather together, travel together and learn together.

    This program is unique in its international scale and the participation of active business leaders."

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    Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Future X Innovation has been created to leverage our global network, having worked with over 4,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. We continue to work in some of the world's most innovative and dynamic ecosystem from the UK, Silicon Valley, UAE and Asia.

    Disruptive Innovation

    Startups are innovating at incredible speeds and using disruptive technologies to shift market trends. We help our partners and clients navigate and utilise the startup eco-system to optimise their market potential.

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